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River North Studios | Denver Photo Video Studio Rental

A Full-Service Studio located in Denver, CO!



The Studios are THREE separate areas: Video/Photography Studio, Podcasting Room, and Audio Mixing Suite.
All locations are shoot-ready and variable, with different decor available upon request.


The Video & Photo Studio

A big space equipped and ready to shoot. With professional lighting ready to shoot Lighting LOOKS designed by professionals. 

The Soundstage is the main shooting room at the studio. It features a 12x20ft cyclorama and a light grid in the ceiling. With easy access via the garage door, you can load directly into the studio.

The Podcast Studio

Fully loaded podcast studio ready to record with up to 4 audio and video setups

There’s a lot of functionality packed inside this stylish exterior. With mood lighting, comfy seating, high-end microphones, another SSL console, and a live multi-cam streaming set-up, this room is jam-packed with the sound tools you need.

Audio Mixing Suite/Control Room

A room designed with perfect acoustics for mixing, ready to mix with a 24-channel SSL console

If you need to get deep on an audio mix for a record, or sound design for a film, this is the room for you. The Control Room features a hexagonal build with dialed in acoustics and BLANK MONITORS that are guaranteed to give you the most accurate sound around. Even better is the 24 TRACK SSL CONSOLE that is going to take your mixes to the next level.

Video Production, Editing, Photography, Podcast Recording, Audio Mixing, and much more!


Save time and money by getting all your media completed in one place, from pre-production, creative design, to delivery

We can fulfill all your needs in one place. You can do whatever you want to do, here!



We make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about technical, quality, and quick delivery. 


Latest gear and technology. Experienced and professional staff

We can handle a higher volume because we have a team with industry experience.



Don’t waste time in editing when we can do it live.

Less cost, faster turnaround.