Kamal Daraiseh

Kamal Daraiseh

Business Partner

20 year meetings and events professional, award winning producer, a partner who listens to his customers, a solutions provider, a devoted humanitarian, a son of an immigrant, a geek with a personality, a closet break-dancer and an M&M lover (peanut of course!).

I have spent my career focused on “the message” clients want to deliver to their attendees.  I focus on how best I can use the production and technology to create emotion and build on all the senses to deliver superior work with impactful and memorable results.

More importantly, however, an industry leader at your fingertips who works with a passion that is immeasurable.  I have built my reputation and business on the saying “people buy people.”  I have made this my battle cry ensuring each and every prospective customer will turn into a satisfied repeat client.

I promise I will work tirelessly for you.   But don’t ask me why I do this…I will be happy to provide you a list of clients who will tell you themselves.

Producer Kamal
Imprint Events Group